Go zero-to-one with a community of other founders.

We help early stage founders go from idea to seed funding. If you want to build in community with other founders in the trenches, the Shrimp Society is your tribe.

The Shrimp Society Fellowship is a structured, 3 month program that happens twice a year IRL in Miami. We vet the best early stage founders and challenge them to grow.

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We help founders do 3 things.

Going 0-1 and 1-2 is the hardest part for founders. Resources are slim, the company feels like a mess, and it's tough to grow. We're here to help YOU grow your skills as a founder and lead a successful startup.


Community-led growth

Building an early stage startup is chaotic. There's no way around it - a million things to do and not enough time or resources to do it. We challenge founders to focus, organize, and systematize their startups in order to hit the next milestone.


Find the best startup talent, fast

With our network of builders, we have talented people just waiting to join high growth startups.


Raise pre-seed & seed funding

Getting the first check in the door is the hardest. We help you do that with our dedicated investor network of early stage investors that actually write checks.

From Our Members


"It's what I'd call the Goldilocks zone of what an entrepreneurial person desires - the perfect combo of fun, effective relationship-building, and business feedback/support.

- Tara (serial entrepreneur, author, artist)

"From fundraising to warm introductions to hiring help, the Shrimp is the proverbial founders tool box.

- Mike (seed startup CEO & founder )

Mike Perhats

"Shrimp society events are the place to be if you are a start up founder!. Great people to meet and a ton of fun!

- Anthony (seed startup CEO & founder)