The hub for ambitious builders

The Shrimp Society NFT is built on the foundation of an already thriving IRL community. Our NFT offers real-world utility like access to events, masterminds, and the Bennies.

Shrimp NFT - Green

Our Stamp on the World

We're proud to unveil our 3500 sq ft mural in the heart of Wynwood, Miami created by Shrimp Society member, Alex 'Dunc' Duncan.

If you're in Miami, go take a peek at 318 NW 25th St, Miami FL 33130.

Shrimp Alpha DAO is exlcusive to Shrimp Society NFT holders.

Wen DAO? Now.

Shrimp Alpha DAO is a community-led web3 & NFT collective with the purpose of exploring & participating in new projects.

Members can purchase $SHELLS token to participate in the governance and opportunities of the DAO.

Shrimp Alpha DAO is powered by our friends at Upstream.

What we do

We're an NFT project with real-world utility that actually serves a purpose in your life.


We gather monthly in our hubs to collaborate, build relationships, and help one another in our ventures.


We share resources, insight, and experience with monthly masterminds on NFTs & crypto, as well as building businesses.


We support our members both informally and formally through our network and resources.

This is what I was craving, this kind of tribe. We can work together, play together, and support each other in going after our dreams.

- Tara Sibel Demren, seriel entrepreneur, author, & artist

The Art

The Shrimp Society NFT artwork was created by Matteus Gomes, an up-and-coming Brazilian creative director from our community.

His experience across art, culture, architecture, and music inspired over 400 unique traits for the artwork.


Ready to Join?

Join the Shrimp Society by purchasing a Shrimp Society NFT from Magic Eden, our preferred secondary market.